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Schimminger Design Build Live is an architect and builder based in Coffs Harbour designing & building sustainable & energy efficient houses and commercial projects.


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How do you live well in a fast-changing world? A world of massive social and economic changes that lie ahead? How do you plan and build a home NOW, so that in 10 years’ time it will give you comfort and shelter in a world with an unknown climate?


How do you plan your life now, so that you can adapt to the changes head?


Reiner will facilitate various processes that guide you through these vital steps:


• Understanding


• Acceptance


• Response


The City of Hope project demonstrates some of the most advanced measures of sustainability possible in the built environment today. The guidelines and aspirational framework for this project were sourced from Living Building Challenge (link) and Urban Design Protocol (link).




The aim of the City of Hope was to create the foundation for a sustainable future, in the fabric of our communities. To achieve comfort and safety, health and wellbeing, not only for ourselves but the entire web of life around us. To nurture hope.




This project starts a conversation with the public, asking questions about the way we live, consume, connect and care. It challenges preconceptions about what a house should look like. It provides a gentle, alternative solution in a slightly provocative way.




The design itself takes inspiration from nature and uses nature’s intelligent systems to respond to temperature, wind, humidity, solar radiation and air pollution. And not forgetting edible landscapes to produce food.




The four homes nestled in a garden setting are stunningly different. Each set a visual marker and do so with a purpose.  The footprint is kept small in favour of garden space and the plan develops over two storeys’ including a rooftop garden.




This project optimises land use, shuns expansive luxury and instead, embraces exquisite sufficiency.








• Australian Sustainability awards 2019: Winner ‘Best of the Best’


• Australian Sustainability awards 2019: Winner ‘Landscape and Biophilia’


• Australian Urban Design Awards 2019: Short listed in ‘Built Projects, Neighbourhood scale’


• MBA awards 2019: Winner ‘Energy efficiency and Environmental Management’


Through review of the science, scenario planning and risk assessment we can develop a deeper understanding of our situation.


Through understanding we can come to the acceptance of ‘what is’ and see our responsibility to act.


Once we recognise the urgency and our responsibility, we can find appropriate ways to respond on a personal level, engage on a regional level and become part of the change movement globally.


The City of Hope in Coffs Harbour will be our base camp and experimental lab.


Click to visit City of Hope website in an external page.






The build focuses on quality and sustainable architect designed homes, where we build no more than two to three homes per year, so that each one gets our full attention and personalised service.


We create homes that;


• Are comfortable all year round.


• Generate more energy than they use


• Value water. From harvesting, treating and re-using it on site.


• Are made using healthy building materials


• Incorporate roof gardens


• Modify the micro-climate with green walls


Skillful management of our trusted team of contractors and suppliers ensures short construction times and high-quality results.



Sustainable homes are our specialty.




In a time of climate emergency, sustainability is no longer an optional extra, but a necessity when it comes to designing and building a home.


Our philosophy behind this business is to create homes that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable, from the design right through to the build and livability.


Design. Build. Live.




0418 624 258


3/23 Bent Street, Coffs Harbour


Welcome, my name is Reiner Schimminger and I am an Architect, based in Coffs Harbour.


For over 30 years I have provided architectural design services as Schimminger Architects, leading in sustainable architectural design.


I am also a licenced Builder. For the last 15 years I have built architect designed projects with my building company, The Natural Home Company.




I am a leading authority on environmental proactivity and have been involved with many campaigns, both as an advisor and educationalist.


Now is the time for transition, combining all three areas of my expertise as Schimminger Design Build Live – Sustainably.


If you are inspired to create a liveable future with exquisite sufficiency please read on.




Reiner Schimminger has provided architectural design services for over 30 years. He is considered to be at the forefront of environmental and sustainable design.


Reiner is a passionate environmentalist and was active in Climate Action Groups, and has also been an Ambassador for Al Gore’s Climate Project.  Reiner has presented to community groups, schools and anyone who has been searching for inspiration to create a living future.




Reiner's career has had some incredible highlights and he has won architectural and design awards for many projects. View Reiner's profile to learn more about his passion, career highlights and his approach to architecture and sustainable living.




Hi, I’m Reiner Schimminger, an Architect based in Coffs Harbour, in the state of New South Wales in Australia.


For the past 30 years I’ve provided architectural design services in and around the region as ‘Schimminger Architects’, paving the way in sustainable architectural design.


I’ve been involved in a broad base of environmental learning and engagement over the last three decades. I’m a passionate environmentalist and was active in Climate Action Groups. and have also been an Ambassador for Al Gore’s Climate Project.


I’m active in the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group and the Stop Adani campaign and I’m involved in the deep ecology processes and learning from indigenous peoples.


I’ve presented to community groups, schools and anyone who has been searching for inspiration to create a living future through Warm Data Lab as an authorised host.


I’m a registered, practicing architect with over 35 years of experience, both overseas as well as in Australia. I’m also a licenced builder, with over 20 years’ experience.


I established The Natural Home Company in 2003, where I built architect-designed projects as a licenced builder. As part of the evolution of my career, I launched Schimminger Design Build Live in 2019 which combines the three principles of my work of architectural design, green and sustainable building and living within those spaces designed to have minimal impact on the environment both now and into the future.


I’m a member of various associations including; Master Builders Association (MBA), Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and Living Future Institute of Australia.




Throughout his career, Reiner has amassed an impressive range of awards for both Architecture & Design including sustainability as well as several building awards including ones for efficiency and innovation. Please feel free to peruse the following list of remarkable achievements that Reiner has collected over his years as Architect and Builder.




2019 Nomination Multiple Housing


2008 James Barnet Award




2019 Winner - Best of the Best


House 4 - City of Hope Eco Housing


2019 Winner - Landscape & Biophilia


City of Hope Eco Housing


2008 Highly Commended


Small Commercial

2008 Country Division Award




2019 Shortlist


Built Projects - Neighbourhood Scale




2019 Winner


Energy Efficiency & Environmental Management (Residential)


2016 Finalist


Granny Flats




2008 National Finalist


Greensmart Energy Efficiency Award


2007 State Winner


Greensmart Energy Efficiency Award


2007 State Finalist


Renovations & Additions < $600,000


2006 State Winner


North Coast Custom Built Home < $500,000


2005 State Winner


Custom Built Home < $400,000


2005 Finalist


North Coast Custom Built Home < $400,000


2004 State Winner


Custom Built Home < $300,000


2004 State Winner


Most innovative use of Steel


The Karangi Forest House was designed to sit comfortably on its setting, making the most of the stunning rural views to the north-west, whilst balancing the conflicting issue of solar orientation and ridge topography.


The house is spread across 3 levels (2 changes of 900mm) beneath a single, simple mono-pitch roof with changes of angle in plan giving rise to a dynamic angular composition.


The long, rising north-west wall of the house employs innovative, internally exposed LVL timber framing with translucent polycarbonate cladding, punctuated with fixed and louvre windows.


The rooms along this wall of the house enjoy views out across the valley whilst being protected from afternoon sun by external recycled hardwood timber fins, a generous roof overhang and a continuous window hood.


The translucent cladding provides a beautiful filtered light quality akin to a Japanese Shoji screen and thermally performs better than double glazing.



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